• The Jerk Machine

Great Tasting Jamaican Cuisine
Established Since 1983


Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence

An invitation to Build better future
via invest in Academia & Diplomacy
for Peace

  • VASports Media

Is a proactive organization that prides itself in enlightening, educating, and empowering its listeners and viewers about sports from a wholistic perspective.


  • WVET - Radio TV & Internet

WVET is the Voice of Veterans Listen all day long

  • U.S. & Latin Veterans Embassy

The Embassy as an entity must transcend geography and culture barriers and deliver its message, initiatives and programmers. Community-based organizations often act internationally, merging both identities into one successfully.

  • Changing Young Lives Through Education

HVSF is a Non-Profit Organization that strives to Support the Humanitarian needs of families that needs it the most. Services are comprehensive and include Childcare, Foster care, Teen support Programs, as well as providing education for the children and more.

  • Burial with Dignity Foundation

In this program, we seek out veterans who have passed away and whose bodies are left unclaimed and take it upon ourselves to find local funeral professionals willing to work with us to provide these veterans with a dignified burial.

  • International Puerto Rican Support Group LLC.

International Puerto Rican Support Group LLC., addresses some of the world's most pressing social issues, with a focus on education, economic development, and world humanitarian support.

  • Sister of NEW Pre-Apprenticeship Of South Florida

Sister of NEW Pre-Apprenticeship of South Florida will improve Florida's Construction industry workforce by preparing reliable, motivated individuals for the skilled trades.