About Us

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to foster business and relationships in conjunction with other Veterans’ service organizations, corporations and government agencies to provide support and advocacy at international, national and local levels. 

The United States & Latin Veterans Support Embassy has supported all regions of the world since 1985; and in 2019 we proudly formed our United States & Latin Veterans International Chamber of Commerce. We are in alliance with leaders in the fields of science, technology, education, research, agriculture, economics, finance, industry, environment, sports and entertainment. 

We are proud to provide a horizontal approach to the United States & Latin Veterans International Chamber of Commerce interaction with Governments, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and the UN System. This horizontal approach helps to further mutual understanding and goodwill among the different sectors.



We aim to achieve the following key projects, both locally (within the United States) and globally as part of our future vision:

  • Container Housing, Warehouse
    and Agriculture
  • Hydroponic, Aeroponics, Aquaponic
    and Smart Protein Farming
  • Local modern markets
  • Fruit & vegetables processing plants
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Smart Hospital Concept
  • Clean & Renewable Energy
  • Funeral homes and cemeteries
  • Housing support for veterans (and the community)
  • Veterans radio / TV broadcasting
  • Catering
  • Sports and entertainment
    • Promotions
    • Sponsorship
  • Security
    • Armed or unarmed guards
    • Cyber
    • Smart Drones
    • CCTV
Goal and


The main purpose and drive for success of all members, partners, associates and staff within or linked to ULVSE is assisting and supporting Veterans both locally and globally to ascertain a basic standard of living after giving service to their country. For the benefit of peace to all humankind on earth.


Since 1985 to present day, our illustrious Chairman and founder, Mr. Waddell McGee has accomplished great feats throughout the last 35 years. To name a few, the timeline is as follows:

· Became an owner of Mississippi cemetery: allowing veterans to be buried with dignity
· Established first Veterans Thrift Center

· Veterans newsletter and magazine publication
· Veterans security services

· Founded and became Chairman of the United States & Latin Veterans Support Embassy
· United States & Latin Veterans International Chamber of Commerce
· Veterans online radio station (WVET)
· Part owner of Lincoln Memorial Cemetery: Miami, Florida

Waddell McGee, the founder of U.S. & Latin Veterans International Chamber of Commerce, is a retired disabled veteran. His premise has always been giving global support to Veterans and their families by providing resources to easy access to education, business support, entrepreneurship, employment and health care.
  • Mr. Waddell McGee
    Founder & Chairman
  • Mr. Noel Miller
    Director of Global Affairs
  • Mr. Aaron Miller
    Senior Vice President of Global Affairs
  • Ms. Susan Alvarez
    Communication Director
  • Mrs.Gloria McGee Director of Governmental Affairs
  • Mr. Juan Cruz
    Logistics Coordinator
  • Ms.Luisa Ortiz
    Research & Business Development
  • Mr. Darrell Anderson
    Website Master
  • Mrs. Antiapie Blaise
    Volunteer Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs.Leila Maert
    Managing Partner International Business
  • Mr. Keith Winslow
    Director of Radio & Entertainment
  • Mr. Waddell McGee Founder & Chairman
  • Mr. Noel Miller Director of Global Affairs
  • Mr. Aaron Miller Senior Vice President of Global Affairs
  • Maribel A. Pizá, P.A. Immigration Law, US Coast Guard
  • Esha K. Desaiy
  • Juan Torres Cruz, MBA US Marine (ret.)
  • Leila Maert, MBA International Business
  • Ken Kistner, Senior Advisor US Air Force
  • Gloria McGee, MSN Governmental Affairs/Mental Health
  • Joy Martinez, Ph.D. US Marine, HR
  • Prudence Lewis-Bhola, Ph.D. Executive Management
  • Mille Smith Disabled Veteran, US Navy
  • Edwina Alvarez Disabled Veteran, US Airforce
  • Reynald Ascencio Social Media Liaison
  • Louisa Ortiz Sisters of NEW
  • Morgan Brittany Cunningham Military Spouse
  • Ianka Rodriguez Military Spouse
  • Susan Mannion Military Spouse